Airports, hotels, hospitals and amusement parks are just a few of the places that need to have parking systems to manage the large number of cars that arrive every day. There are some parking systems that require a person to operate them. There are also new parking systems that are completely automated. Has your current parking system started to malfunction? Are you interested in buying a new one and you are not sure which one to choose? If so, you would be wise to educate yourself about all of the various advantages that an automated parking system can give to you.

Benefits of an Automated Parking System

  1. You will no longer need to hire a person as a parking attendant.

It can be a major expense to pay someone just to take money from people who are parking at your business. This was necessary many years ago. However, technology has advanced to the point where the job of parking attendant is now obsolete. There are a variety of parking systems that will accept cash and credit card payments from people. They have the ability to make change and print out receipts. The amount of money you will be able to save by not hiring people to work as a parking attendant can be quite substantial. Changing to a completely automated parking system will increase your profitability by preventing you from wasting money needlessly. You will also be able to avoid the headache of interviewing people for the parking attendant position. The hiring process can waste a large amount of your time.

  1. The company that made the parking system will be able to maintain it and repair it when necessary.

People who run a large business should not need to worry about whether or not their parking system is running efficiently. Automated systems run on software and other technology that the average business owner knows nothing about. This is why the company that manufactured the parking system will come to your business on a regular basis to perform standard maintenance. They can also be called to make a repair if your parking system starts to malfunction. Most automated parking system manufacturers offer 24-hour emergency repair service for all of their customers. Parking Boxx has earned a reputation for making high quality parking systems for many different types of businesses.

  1. Automated parking systems can be placed in many different locations.

Traditional parking systems that require a person to take payment from customers are always located in a central location at the main entrance of the parking structure. However, this can create a long line of cars trying to pay as they are exiting. This is an especially big problem at concert venues when many people will be leaving at the same time. Automated parking systems will put an end to this problem forever. This is because the automated parking meters can be placed at convenient locations throughout the complex. Therefore, people can pay at their particular section or level where their car is parked. This will allow people to simply drive straight out of the main entrance of the parking lot without stopping to pay. The flow of traffic will be greatly improved. Also, your customers will have a better experience because they will not be annoyed by waiting in a long line.

  1. An intercom is included as a feature on many of the latest automated parking systems.

One of your customers might have a problem making a cash or credit card payment. If this happens, they can simply buzz the intercom on the automated parking system. This will allow them to talk to an actual person who will offer them assistance. Intercoms can come in handy for a variety of problems that can occur.

  1. There are automated parking systems that can offer validation and give discounts.

The days of needing a person to validate your parking are gone forever. There are now parking systems that are capable of automated validation for your customers. You can also issue various coupons to give people a discount off their parking fee. These coupons can be scanned by the automated parking system. The discount will then be immediately applied to their fee.

Benefits of an Automated Parking System

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