When driving down an open road there is nothing quite like listening to the sound of good string music blended with the hum of a well-tuned engine traveling along at high speed.  There is an almost a symbiotic relationship between the driver, the automobile and the music.  You feel as if time is melting away as the car speeds down the highway in sync with the sound of a groove you recorded on your new keyboard that you got from the Guitar Center.

Today people are rightfully concerned about the many ways drivers are distracted by entertainment while on the road.  The perils associated with operating a high-performance vehicle are too serious for one to take some of those distractions lightly.  The sound of good instrumental music can be relaxing to the driver, particularly when trapped in the high-volume traffic and stress of daily morning and evening rush hours.  So a driver may do well to record the sounds of instrumental music for relaxing entertainment that can be safely played through the speakers in the car.  And there are Groupons available which can be used for everything from recording devices to sheet music and  top-caliber electronic instruments, keyboards and even music lessons at the Guitar Center.

Groupon might not come to mind as a way to save money on the purchase of an instrument or other musical equipment and supplies from the Guitar Center, but now that they have partnered with the mega shopping discounter, there are new deals offered every day.  You can save up to 30% off selected merchandise and use exclusive codes and offers to save even more.   And the best thing about Groupon coupons is that you can use them right from your smart phone.

Another cool thing about Groupons is that you can use them online and instore so if there’s something you need, chances are you can order it at your next stop and have it delivered to your home.  With fast and often free shipping, it’s likely to arrive before you do.  Groupon and  Guitar City.  That’s music to my ears.

Get Entertained in the Fast Lane

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